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November 2016 Erin wins on Knees of Fury 61 Show

Young Lions female fighter Erin fought Shanny from Boars and won by Unanimous decision.

October 2016 Tom Wilkins wins the WKA Pro Intercontinental Supermiddle Weight title

Tom fought the Malaysian champion Kai Chee who has over 50 fights to his name over 5x3 minute rounds. Tom stuck to the game plan and won on points on Resurrection of the Warrior show. Another champ in Young Lions Muay Thai.

September 2016 The Messenger Newspaper does an Article on Rav

The Messenger Newspaper did an article on Rav's recent World title defence in Bangkok, Thailand.

August 2016 Rav defeats Thai in Bangkok, Thailand

Only days after Rav defended his World title in Bangkok, he fought again 5 days later against another Thai fighter to win by knockout in the first round.

August 2016 Rav defends his IPMTF World Lighweight title in Bangkok, Thailand

After training very hard for this one, Rav fought the number 1 contender tough Thai fighter Channarong. It was a fast paced fight right from the beginning which Rav won by knockout in the second round with a left hook. Rav is now a 2 times World Muay Thai Champion!

April 2016 Matthew defends his WKA Australian Heavyweight title

Matthew Routley once again fought Mike Hobbs to defend his WKA Australian Heavyweight title on Resurrection of the Warrior event. The fight went the full distance which saw Matthew dominate all the rounds. Congrats to Matt who successfully defended his title. Matthew now a 2 times Australian champion!

March 2016 World Muay Thai Organisation (WMO) World Cup Bangkok - Thailand

The Australian representative Rav Sidhu brought the Australian team over which saw Australia win 2 Gold and many Silver medals. A good effort by Team Australia.

March 2016 WMO World Congress

Rav (WMO Australian Representative) attended the World Muay Thai Organisation World Congress meeting where many counties representatives were present. Here is a pic with the WMO President Grand Master Chinuwat Sirisompan and Grand Master Tum.

March 2016 Young Lions Thailand Trip

A big group of Young Lions members went over to Thailand to experience the culture and Muay Thai in its birth place. It was a fun trip seeing the sights and taking in the culture, food, and training. Watched all the big fights at the 2 famous stadiums in Bangkok, Lumpinee and Rajadamnern. Finished off the trip in tropical paradise Phuket.

March 2016 Rav fights and wins by KO on Yokkao event in Bangkok, Thailand

Rav fought on a big Yokkao event as the main event against a Thai opponent. Rav was just took strong dropping his opponent with an elbow early in the first round. The Thai got up and continued. The Thai threw a teep kick which Rav cought and threw a right cross which knocked the Thai out cold! Sea salts was used to wake the Thai up after being knocked out. Was a good win for Rav especially in front of many of his Young Lions students who were down in Bangkok on the club trip.

February 2016 Luke wins by KO in 1st Round at Knees of Fury

Luke Myers fought an opponent from Victoria and took control of the fight in the clinch and then knocking him out with a punch. Well done Luke!

November 2015 World Champion Nathan Corbett Training Seminar

Rav brought multiple World Muay Thai champion Nathan "Carnage"Corbett to Adelaide for an in house training seminar. Nathan also helped out in the corner for Tom's fight which was pretty awesome!

September 2015 John Wayne Parr Dinner

Rav brought 10 times World Muay Thai champion "John"Wayne Parr to Adelaide for a dinner and talk. It was very well attended by many clubs. It was good to hear Wayne's experiences in Thailand and how his Muay Thai career got started.

2015 - International Kickboxer Magazine interview Rav Sidhu on his recent success in Bangkok
December 2014 - Rav wins IPMTF World Lightweight Title at Kings Cup Birthday festivities in Bangkok

Rav fought the number 1 contender for the vacant IPMTF belt at the famous Kings Cup Birthday held in Bangkok. Rav knocked out the Thai in the first round with a well excuted uppercut which knocked his opponent out cold in front of thousands of spectators

November 2014 - Matt Routley becomes WKA Australian Heavyweight Champion

Young Lions fighter Matt Routley wins the Australian Heavyweight title against Hobbs at ROW show in Adelaide.

September 2014 - Nathan Corbett Adelaide Seminar hosted by Young Lions Thaiboxing
May 2014 - Isack wins in Thailand at WMO World Cup
February 2014 - Jason Altmann becomes the new WKA Australian Super Middleweight Champion

Young Lions fighter Jason Altmann won by knockout againist tough Sam Ballentyne from WA by a huge elbow to become WKA Super Middleweight Australian champion

Resurrection of the Warrior 10 - 9th November

Matt fought Hobbs for the Australian WKA Heavyweight title. We all thought Matt had done more than enough to win, but the judges gave it a slip decision win to Hobbs.

Knees of Fury 42 -7th September 2013

Young Lions Isack Au won his fight against Shaun from Renegade gym and Young Lions Heavyweight Matt Routley won his fight againts a opponent from Melbourne. Well done boys!

Rav gets Achievement Award from The World Muay Thai Council - September 2013

Trainer Rav got an achievement award presented to him by the World Muay Thai Council and Muay Thai Australia for his achievements in Thailand.

Resurrection of the Warrior 9 � 3rd August 2013

Young Lions Muay Thai's Jason Altmann fought a very tough experienced fighter from Riddlers gym, Emilio Schmidt. Schmidt is a World Champion and holds 7 different titles. Jason fought a smart fight and stuck to the game plan, and knocked Schmidt out in the 4th Round. A big win for Jason and Young Lions Muay Thai!!

Resurrection of the Warrior 8 � 7th July 2013

Matt Routley fought Michael Hobbs from Sunrise Gym for the vacant SA Heavyweight title. Hobbs came out the victor in a very close contest.

Resurrection of the Warrior 7 - 13th April 2013

Young Lions Muay Thai fighter, Jason Altmann defeated Guy Robbo for the vacant Kun Khmer Super Middleweight State title. Isack Man Au defeated Michael Mogg from Flinders Uni Muay Thai by unanimous points. Young Lions Heavyweight, Yianni Ketses dislocated his shoulder in the first minute of his fight.

Article on Rav�s recent win at Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok by International Kickboxer Magazine - June 2013

Click here to read the article

Young Lions Grading - 14th May 2013

Congrats to everyone who passed their grading and moved on to the next level.

Rav wins at World Famous Lumpinee Stadium - April 2013

Young Lions Trainer, Rav Sidhu has the opportunity of a lifetime to fight in Bangkok�s most prestigious Lumpinee Stadium. Rav fought seasoned fighter Sorachart who has over 120 fights. Rav won by Knockout with an elbow in the fourth round.

Rav trains under Muay Thai Legend Somrak Khamsing - April 2013

Trainer Rav trained under the legendary Muay Thai fighter Somrak in Bangkok. Somrak was the first Thai to ever win an Olympic Gold medal at the Olympics. Somrak has made a return to the Muay Thai arena after a few years lay off. He still packs the stadium whenever he fights.

Resurrection of the warrior 6 - 15th September 2012

Young Lions Thaiboxing's fighter ,Peter Pana fought Sunrise fighter Rob Irvin. It was a good clean fight which saw Peter dominate in the grapple and score with many knees and win by unanimous points.

Knees Of Fury 38 - 25th August 2012

Young Lions Thaiboxing's Fighter, Matt Routley fought Daniel Hazildine from Southern Thaiboxing
and easily won it on points.

Women's Kickboxing Course 2nd August 2012

We had a really good turn out for the Women's Kickboxing Course held recently. The girls loved training in Muay Thai, learning the basis of this Thai martial art. Self Defence applications were also taught as well as high intensity cadio that came from hitting the pads where some women saw weight loss in only a few weeks.

Power Play Promotions - Melbourne Fights 28th July 2012

Peter Pana took on Luke Van from Geelong in a good hard fought contest. This was Peter's first full Thai rules fight. It went the distance which Peter lost on points. Matthew Routley fought tough fighter Johny Bourke. A good performance by Matt which I taught should have done enough to get the decision
but it was the Victorian that got the nod.

Rav Sidhu receives an achievement award - 7th July 2012

Rav was recently given an achievement award for his recent fight against a Muay Thai Champion in Bangkok. The award was given by World Kickboxing Association South Australian representative Mr John Leondaris. Rav gave a short speech and thanked everyone for their support.

Resurrection of the warrior 5-7th July 2012

We had a few first timers fight in this show. It was a good experience for them as they got to feel what full contact competition is all about. Young Lions fighter and current WMC State champion Jason Altmann lost the main event fight for the WKA State title in a 5 round war against Tom Boyle. Both fighters fought well.

Messenger Newspaper's & International Kickboxer Magazine's write up on Rav - June 2012

The Hills and Valley Messenger Newspaper did a write up on Rav Sidhu's Muay Thai achievement in Bangkok recently titled "Ultimate Fighter" which was on the front page. International Kickboxer Magazine (the World's renowned Muay Thai magazine) also did an article on Rav's recent fight against Thai Champion Norachai,
titled "Sidhu Knocks Out Thai Superstar"

John Wayne Parr Muay Thai Seminar - 2nd June 2012

It was nice to bring John Wayne Parr back to Adelaide for the second time. We had a good turn out with many gyms taking part in this awesome training seminar with JWP. JWP showed us new training techniques and Muay Thai skills from his many years of fighting experience.

Knees Of Fury 37 - 26th May 2012

Jason Altmann fought against Jai Demrich for the vacant World Muay Thai Council (WMC) Super Middleweight South Australian Title. Jason stayed aggressive dominating the fight and winning the title by unanimous points.

Battle Collossal Perth - March 31st 2012

Jason and Rav made their way to Perth to fight the Western Australian WBC State Campion Jamie Lunghtano. A good hard fight saw both boys give it their best. Jason lost on points.

Shins of Steel - March 24th 2012

This was not a good night for Young Lions. Jordan did well and won his debut fight. Josh was up next but 30 seconds into the fight his should got dislocated again. Peter looked sharp and fit until he got caught win a right hook. Matt fought a good fight against a much more experienced opponent and lost on points.

Rav Knocks Out One of Thailand's best Lightweights Norachai - March 2012

Rav made a comeback fight recently in Bangkok, Thailand. Rav fought one of Thailand’s best lightweights S.Norachai. Norachai has had 216 fights to his name. Rav knew this was going to be a tough fight against a class A fighter. He trained hard 5 days a week for 6 months for this particular fight. It paid off in the end when Rav head kicked him in the second round and knocked Norachai out. The Thai media and crowd gave Rav many good compliments. He was even invited to fight in Lumpinee stadium later this year.

Rav's 20 Year Contribution to Muay Thai Award and Kru Title - Bangkok Thailand March 2012

Rav was awarded a plaque for his contribution to Muay Thai for the last 20 years. He was also awarded the title of Kru (teacher) in Bangkok, Thailand.

Knees of Fury 36 - February 25th 2012

Jason fought Masah from Melbourne. This was Jason's 10 fight, while it was Masah's 20th fight. Masah has an awesome KO record knocking most of his opponents out. Jason went the full 5 rounds with him only to lose it on points. Most of the people in attendance there taught he should have won that fight as he kicked and kneed more than Masah. It was a good experience for him.

Celebrating Rav's 20 years in Muay Thai - January 29th 2012

Rav started training in Muay Thai in 1992. This year was his 20 years in the sport. To celebrate this special occasion we hired a Catamaran boat and had a wonderful cruise down the coast with some good food and drinks on board. Congratulations to Rav on this achievement.

Young Lions Thaiboxing Grading - December 20th 2011

Congratulations to all the students who passed their grading and received their new ranks and singlets. Was a hard grading and everyone did very well.

Rav trains at Rough Gym in Singapore - November 2011

I decided to try training at this gym while I was in Singapore as it was newly opened. It is a very posh gym with modern facilities and good trainers. I had a good few sessions there.

Meeting Jomhod Kiatadisak in Phuket - November 2011

It was an awesome experience to meet and watch the Muay Thai legend Jomhod, himself fight live. Jomhod "King of the Ring" fought a tough Canadian at Bangla Stadium. Even at an older age he has still got it, winning by points against a younger fitter opponent.

Annual Thailand Trip October - November 2011

Once again we were off to Thailand with some of our Young Lions Thaiboxing group coming along for our annual trip to Bangkok and Phuket. We had George, Matthew, Josh, Talia, my wife and her parents and I on this trip. We visited the world famous Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok as well as some other famous sites in the land of smiles.. In Phuket we trained at Patong Gym as well as checking out the beautiful islands off Phuket. It was another fantastic trip.

Soren Monkongtong Muay Thai Seminar - October 28th 2011

It was good to bring down my mate Soren down again to Adelaide for a training seminar. A few other clubs also participated which was good to see. We learnt some new tricks from Soren and was good to catch up with him.

Resurrection of the Warrior - October 8th 2011

A good event which saw Jason fought Josiah in the main event a five round fight Full Thai rules. Jason won it on points. Matt also won his fight against an opponent from Melbourne. Rahul lost by TKO in the 2nd round.

Duelmaster Promotions July 21st 2011

It was an excellent night for Young Lions Thaiboxing. We had 4 fighters, and all 4 won!! Josh fought Murphy Sutton from Axis Muay Thai and dropped him twice with standing 8 counts and won by unanimous points. Peter fought like a gentleman; he dominated his opponent in all areas, had opportunities to knock him out but didn’t want to hurt him, Peter won by unanimous points. Alex looked very smart in his fight against Adam Price from Sunrise gym. Alex worked well in the grapple and outpointed Adam and won by unanimous decision. Scott Bradley also fought very well, his fitness looked better this time round and his leg kicks worked well to beat his opponent also by unanimous points. Well done boys did Young Lions proud!

Grading July 12th 2011

Congratulations to everyone who passed their grading. It was a hard grading and you all pushed through it and came out on top. Well done guys! Next Grading is in December.

San Shou "Firestorm 5"

Five Young Lions fighters competed in this event, Peter P, Matt R, Scott B, Josh K and Alex K. Alex fought a lad from Willunga Kickboxing and beat him with ease using his strong grappling skills. Josh K fought hard too, looked good in the stand-up but being a san shou rules bout, his opponent gained some vital points via throws. Josh lost by split points but got fighter of the night award. Peter fought a lad from ISO Health next. The rules were changed on us at the last minute as the other club didn’t want knees, so it was pretty much a kickboxing fight. Peter’s opponent was a 6’8 tall guy. The height difference was clearly visible as both lads faced centre ring. Peter stuck to the game plan and it paid off winning by unanimous points. Matt fought well for his third fight, he keeps improving with every fight. Also kept to the game plan and won using his knees and clinch work. Scotty was up next against Luke Dumbrill, who is one of the assistant trainers at Alan Wong’s gym, we knew we were in for a hard fight. It was a good fight with both boys giving it their all. Scotty landed a few good leg sweeps and won by unanimous points. A good night for Young Lions Thaiboxing.

Knees of Fury 33 - 13th May 2011

Josh's fight hardly got under way againts Hayden Carr when both boys got into a grapple and both of them landed on the canvas. Josh’s arm was tangled up under Hayden’s body and when Josh tried to get back up he dislocated his shoulder. Matt fought well and kneed and grappled well to win his fight by stoppage. Jack did his best but was overwhelmed in his debut fight and lost. Jason rematched Guy Robbo and won easily by unanimous points.

Jason fights Main Event in Whyalla Shins of Steel 2nd April 2011

We took this fight on 10 day notice as the promoter needed a 76 kg fighter to fight Tom Arnold from Jo Ips gym with 5x2 Full Thai rules as the Main event. What a fight it was! Jason looked like a machine, he dropped Tom many times in the first round. Jason's face got cut by Tom's elbow in the third round so we had to be cautious not to let the cut open up more. So we went defensive in the last 2 rounds and kept using push kicks to score and keep Tom at bay. Jason won by unanimous points.

Knees of Fury - 26th February 2011

Josh S and Matt Routley both fought well at their first KOF event. Josh fought Hunse Mutsaers from Reality gym and dominated all 3 rounds and won by unanimous points. Matt fought Jordon Koch, Matt dominated the first round with hands, second round was close and the third round Jordon cam on stronger. Matt lost by split points.

Josh Fights in Phuket - December 2010

Josh S stayed at Patong Gym for 2 months and fought a Thai at Patong Stadium in Phuket. He paced himself very well and knocked out his Thai opponenent in the second round with a solid right uppercut. Well Done Josh!

Young Lions Thailand Trip - November/December 2010

Rahul, Jason and myself made the trip to Thailand for training and holidaying. We went to Bangkok first where we visited some famous sights including the Grand Palace, Lumpinee Stadium - the mecca of Muay Thai, and also thanks to my good friend Harpreet, he took us on a night cruise on a ferry where we had awesome food while we took in the sights of Bangkok on the Chao Phraya river. We then flew to Phuket, which is where most of our training was done an Siam Gym and Patong boxing gym. We had a great time and am looking forward to our 2011 trip.

Rav Trains in Singapore at Hilltop Gym

When I was in Singapore, I managed to get some training done at Hilltop Gym. This gym has really nice facilities.

Meeting with Zidov in Thailand - November 2010

If you are a fan of Muay Thai and have watched the hit reality Muay Thai TV show "Contender Asia", you would heard of Zidov Dominik from Croatia. He was one of the 16 contestants that took part in that TV show. He is currently based at WMC Lamai Camp in Koh Samui in Thailand. He was a guest at the IFMA World Cup. It was great having a chat with Zidov and seeing him in person.

IFMA World Cup Bangkok - November 2010

Coinciding with our Thailand trip, was the International Federation of Muay Thai Amatuer World Cup being held in Bangkok on the 27th November to 5th December. Over 100 countries took part. It was 10 days of non-stop Muay Thai action. It was awesome to be there and watch fighters from all around the world compete. There were 3 boxing rings with fights going on all the time with qualifying bouts to the finals.

Soren Mongkontong Muay Thai Seminar - 6th November 2010

I had brought down one of Australia's best Muay Thai fighters to Adelaide for an in depth Muay Thai seminar. Soren has had many of his fights in Thailand having been based there for over 3 years. He knows the tricks of the Thai fighters. He was also one of the contestants on the hit reality TV show “Contender Asia Muay Thai” We learnt a lot from his knowledge and I hope to bring Soren down to Adelaide again soon.

San Shou "Firestorm 4" - 23rd October 2010

Jason fought and defeated MMA fighter Mike Aarts from Extreme MMA gym, Jason fought a good stand up fight and did his best not to let Aarts take him down. Shane got knocked out in the 3rd round against a Wing Chun fighter Pat Miller.

Young Lions Muay Thai Grading - 10th August 2010

Young Lions Muay Thai Grading - 10th August 2010

A very impressive grading by all who attempted their next rank. The highest grader on the night was Partick Lim who achieved his Navy singlet and performed really strongly. That same night I awarded Pat with the title of assistant trainer with Young Lions Thaiboxing & Fitness.
Congrats to all on passing their grading.

Young Lions fights at The Dome - 30th July 2010

Jason Cameron Chad

Congratulations to Young Lions Thaiboxing's 3 fighters who fought at Duelmaster promotions event at�The Dome in Chad fought an impressive first fight and won by unanimous points. Next up was Cameron, he fought hard and well too, but the other guy was stronger, Camo lost on points. The 10th fight of the night saw Jason fight Guy Robbo.
It ended very early with Jason head kicking Guy and knocked him out cold in the first round.
Well done boys!

Young Lions fights in Gold Coast, Queensland 28 th May 2010


Jason and Nick, were offered fights in Gold Coast at the JWP Fights. Rahul was also meant to fight but had the flu so had to withdraw. Jason fought Kyle from Redlands Martial Arts gym. Jase was clearly winning the fight dropping his opponent twice in the first few seconds of the round.

It was unlucky but Jase got caught with a kick to the rib which got him winded and unable to beat the eight count. Nick had his first fight and did really well, stayed calm and won his fight. Congrats to both boys on their performances. It was also good catching up with Wayne Parr and Angie at their gym.

Young Lions Muay Thai Grading 20th April 2010

Congrats to everyone who passed their Muay Thai grading.
It was an excellent performance by all. Keep up the hard training!

Jason wins by KO in the 2nd round! April 2010


Jason Altmann (Young Lions), fought Dan from Dynamix MMA at the San Shou eventand totally outclassed his opponent in all areas. He KOed his opponent in the middle of the second round and the referee called it off. Well done Jase!

Rav trains at the Hilltop Muay Thai Gym in Singapore January 2010


I recently spent some time in Singapore training at the Hill Top Muay Thai gym under trainer Terence. It�s a newly opened gym with all the modern facilities. Before they moved to their new premises, Hilltop was actually based on a hill (outdoors) as to how the name of the gym came about. The head trainer and founder of Hilltop is Ajarhn Jonnie Yeo.

Master Toddy Melbourne Seminar 22nd November 2009

Shane, Jason, Matt, and myself made the trip over to Melbourne to train with Master Toddy. Those of you who don�t know who Master Toddy is, here is a brief background on him. Master Toddy was a professional Thai fighter who moved to the United Kingdom to spread the sport to the English.  Shane, Jason, Matt, and myself made the trip over to Melbourne to train with Master Toddy. Those of you who don�t know who Master Toddy is, here is a brief background on him. Master Toddy was a professional Thai fighter who moved to the United Kingdom to spread the sport to the English.  Shane, Jason, Matt, and myself made the trip over to Melbourne to train with Master Toddy. Those of you who don�t know who Master Toddy is, here is a brief background on him. Master Toddy was a professional Thai fighter who moved to the United Kingdom to spread the sport to the English.

Shane, Jason, Matt, and myself made the trip over to Melbourne to train with Master Toddy. Those of you who don�t know who Master Toddy is, here is a brief background on him. Master Toddy was a professional Thai fighter who moved to the United Kingdom to spread the sport to the English. He then moved to Las Vegas USA and opened up his full time gym.

He has trained many World champions as well as being the trainer in the TV show Fight Girls The seminar was held in Hammer�s gym. It was nice to meet Master Toddy and to learn some of his Muay Thai tricks.

Young Lions Muay Thai Grading 17th November 2009

Congratulations to everyone who passed their grading and moved on to their next rank. Young Lions assistant instructor Shane Altmann was graded to his black singlet rank. It was a hard grading and he performed very well.

MMA Unleashed - 10th October 2009

Young�Lions Muay Thai Grading 11th August 2009                    MMA Unleashed October 10th 2009

Cameron Matthew (Young Lions) made his debut on this event fighting Sunrise fighter Christian Sinclair. Cameron came out strong and fought hard. It was a very close fight and the judges gave it a draw. Well done to both fighters and good sportsmanship was shown by both fighters. I was asked to help work the corner for the main event for the Sydney lad. Daniel-Son assisted me in the corner. What a fight it was! Benjamin Sanjedas got caught with an elbow but came strong in the last 3 rounds to win the title.

Young Lions Muay Thai Grading - 11th August 2009

Young�Lions Muay Thai Grading 11th August 2009

Congratulations to all the students who have passed their Muay Thai grading and got their new ranks. Kym Hutchins who has been training with me for over 10 years got his Young Lions Black Singlet. Kym is 50 years old and is the fittest 50 year old guy I have ever met. Well done Kym! Awesome performance!

Resurrection of the Warrior" - July 11th 2009

Resurrection of the Warrior

Jason Altmann fought a really impressive fight against a fighter from Firm. Jason totally dominated and won every round, even dropping his opponent with a head kick and giving his opponent a standing 8 count. Jason�s fitness was out of this world, he wasn�t even out of breath. Unfortunately the judges gave it a draw. In my eyes and everyone else�s that was there, including the head official, Jason should have won by unanimous point�s desicion.

San Shou Event - 4th April 2009 Results

San Shou Event 4th April 2009 Results

Shane and Jason (both are brothers) fought very impressive fights with excellent results. Shane Altmann (Young Lions) knocked out his opponent with knees and uppercut in the second round. Jason Altmann (Young Lions) went the distance and had a draw in his solid performance. Well done guys!

Thailand Young Lions Training Tour - November 2008

The Young Lions      The Young Lions

In November 2008, Shane, Dan, Sherine and I went to train and holiday in Thailand. We visited Bangkok first and did many touristy stuff and lots of shopping. We visited many spots including Ayutthaya which was the old capital of Thailand, and travelled by ferry on the famous Chao Phraya River. In Phuket the boys managed to get in lots of training at Patong gym.

We also did island hopping where a boat took us to some of the most beautiful islands, with clear blue waters and white sandy beaches. Dan and Shane did some fishing charter while my wife and I went on an elephant trek in the tropical jungles. We finished off our trip by watching some fights at the Patong Stadium. I travel to Thailand every year, so if anyone wants to join me on my trips let me know.

"JOHN" WAYNE PARR Adelaide Seminar - 20 th September 2008


I brought my good mate John Wayne Parr to Adelaide for a 3 hour long Muay Thai seminar on 20th September 2008. It was the first time JWP had come to Adelaide.  It was a huge turn out with about 200 people taking part. JWP took time to sign autographs and take photos with everyone. Everyone enjoyed the training seminar with Australia's Muay Thai legend and Contender Asia star. I would like to thank my Young Lion�s team for helping me set up the venue and giving me a general helping hand. Also a big thank you to JWP for making the trip down to Adelaide and giving an awesome seminar. I will be bringing down JWP again later this year.

"San Shou - September 2008 Results"


"Young Lions Thaiboxing had 2 fighters on this fight card. Dylan Parry (Young Lions) won by Knock Out in the second round against a fighter from Northern Wrecking Crew.  Dylan (60kg) dominated the fight from the start and in the second round hit his opponent hard with a well timed right cross that dropped the lad from wrecking crew. Well done Dylan!

Good first fight mate.  Shane Altmann (Young Lions) fought a fighter from Wing Chun Academy in a 79kg fight. Shane started the fight well dropping his opponent with a right leg kick. Shane worked his kicks and knees well dominating with his long reach.

It was a unanimous points win!  Young Lions Thaiboxing 2 fighters, 2 wins on the night.
Nice work boys!

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